Choose the correct power

To correctly determine the heat output and the number of radiators needed, follow the
current regulations.

Energy calculation

It is the value of the power needed to maintain or reach the comfort temperature of a room (the heating engineer is the most suitable person to calculate this value).
It depends on several factors such as:
» size of the room;
» type of environment (bathroom, bedroom …);
» climatic zone;
» dispersions;

Environment dimensions (A)

The Heart radiator works essentially by radiation. It transmits heat uniformly in the room so the heating requirement is calculated on the surface not on the volume.

A [m2] = L [m] x W [m]

A = room surface
L = room length
W = room width

Dispersions coefficient (K)

The coefficient of the following table expresses a specific power value [W/m2] which depends on the environment, the climatic zone and the type of house insulation.

Power requirement

A rapid formula for calculating power is:

P [W] = A [m2] x K [W/m2]

From the result obtained, referring tothe relative tables of Heart products, the appropriate radiator may be chosen.


The calculation of the thermal potential is an empirical method of control and, as such, is to be considered indicative. The application cannot replace the thermal analysis of the home.